We call this the Campfire writing Masterclass because we take it out of town. To a fine locale, a resort. Or somewhere where writers can commune in the bush. The class is engaged in practical activities that teach the art of identifying story angles and development of their descriptive style. The students have a closer interaction with Biko. The evenings are marked with engaging sessions and peer reviews around a roaring campfire.

Duration:  Two nights and three days.

Number of Students:  10 adventurous writers.

Number of Classes a Year: Two

Dates: September – Precise dates to be confirmed but tentatively 23rd to 25th.

Who can sign up?

People who want to write and love sitting around a fire. With a drink preferably. Or just staring into a fire.

Biko’s writing journey.
The adventurous writer introduction
So you want to be a writer. What is that? The truths of writing.
What do you want to write about?
Writing is writing everyday.
Trinity of writing.
Non-fiction as a genre of writing.
Types and examples of non-fiction writing.
What is a good story?
How do you develop your unique writing voice?
Tools for organising your writing workflow
Get started on writing. How do you do that?
Character and character development.
Choosing your environment.
The labour of words on paper.
Writing is in the rewriting.
Descriptive writing. How can you write poetically?
The importance of imagery, metaphors and similes.
How to build a writing discipline.
Low days of writing.
Dialogue is important.

Campfire sessions.
A drink. A fire. A conversation about writing.

Invited guest talk.
Closing discussions.

FEE: 119,999/=

[We will send you off with a small gift, a handbook for keepsake and a leatherbound notebook. No pens. Pen you choose on your own.]

Disclaimer: We don’t give pens. A writer chooses his/her own pen.

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