For those who want to write but can’t [or won’t] find the time. For those who can spare a few hours every week to get online and learn about the craft and art of writing. By the end of this class you should be able to grasp what makes a good writer good and give you tips on how you can write beautiful prose. 

Duration: Four (4) weeks 

Time: Four (4) hours a week from 4pm to 6pm. 

Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday Evening 

Class size: 20 budding writers. 

Number of Classes a year: Three Classes

Next Class Schedule:  July 10th to August 10th and

Last Class Schedule:  November 1st to November 30th


Session one. 

  • Student introduction. The class connection hour. 
  • Who is a writer? A look into my own journey of writing. 
  • What it means to write. Write everyday. 
  • What are some of the misconceptions of writing?
  • What kind of writer are you? 

Session two.

  • A dive into Creative Non-Fiction as a genre of writing.
  • Types of creative nonfiction and where you fall. 
  • Elements of creative nonfiction.
    1. Plot, setting, characters and how they are developed.
    2. What’s your Point of View in writing?
  • Assignment. 



Session one

  • Getting started. Tools you need to write. 
  • Why is the writing environment important? 
  • Choose your time. 
  • Commitment of writing. 
  • Write a great intro.
  • What makes for a great intro.

Session Two

  • The trinity of writing. The big secret reveal. 
  • The pie formula of writing
  • How do you build a writing discipline?
  • The hell is a writer’s block?


Session one

  • Descriptive and vivid language. 
  • The importance of imagery, metaphors and similes.
  • Assignment

Session two

  • Audience. Why are they important?
  • Create for yourself. 
  • Interviewing for storytelling. 
    1. What is a good interview?
    2. Who is a good interviewer?
    3. How to identify a story.


Session one.

  • A session with an invited writer. 

Session two.

  • Writing is in rewriting.
  • Revise revise.
  • Closing session. 

FEE: 79,999/ =

[You will be handed a cool personalised notebook to kick off your writer’s journey because what’s a writer without a unique handbook?] 

Disclaimer: We don’t give pens. A writer chooses his/her own pen.